Endeer - Shape

The tailored breast support you’ve been waiting for.

Our magic happens when French Lingerie heritage meets 3D technologies. From the legacy of the finest french corset-makers, we re-engineered breast support to offer you a natural feeling of freedom.

 » Shape merges perfectly with the shape of my breasts” – Selma


Made from your unique breast print

From your breast print, we generated tailored 3D printed Shape support base. Once this base is integrated into Shape, our super soft textile part will adjust smoothly to your breast.

« Shape is very light, but the sensation is the support of a sport bra” – Marie

No sizes. Just your shape.

We are the first brand size-free. Shape is made from your body, not a standardized size. 152 women, from 16 to 73 and 304 breasts from A to I can support & approved that.

At Endeer, made-to-measure is the new standard.

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 » I enjoy seeing eventually my natural breast shape” – Margaux

« At last! A bra thought by and for women throughout their uses and their needs.” – Mathilde

« Wow. I was dreaming of not suffering anymore from hurtful underwire” – Noémie